Prepared for Wednesday, September 21, 2016

You have prepared to the fullest. You have water, food, medical supplies, weapons for defense and hunting, communications, shelter and even transportation. But have you prepared to deal with the politicians that will come out of their cesspool in the aftermath of a nationwide or worldwide disaster? The disaster can be natural -- such as a meteor strike, vast earthquakes, pandemic or drought. It could also be man-made such as a nuclear war or financial collapse. Pick one it will not matter.

Politicians will appear from everywhere and claim that they have a right and duty to lead you from your suffering. There will be taxes and sacrifices for this leadership. You will have to surrender your stored goods to a central government for redistribution. You will receive a share of what is already yours. Those who have made no preparations will also receive a share of what is yours. If you think that I am ranting about politics, well think again.

Many years ago I allowed to see a copy of the rules governing possessions that could be brought into emergency housing – this listed the items that would confiscated before entering a FEMA relocation camp. Among those items were medicines, medical supplies and equipment, food, water, weapons (knives and firearms) and fuel for vehicles. This confiscation was to allow for redistribution and use of the items by the controlling government. This would leave the prepared individual without anything, just like an unprepared individual.
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Editor's Note: This feature is from the American Red Cross and continues our engagement in National Preparedness Month. This installment covers some "one minute drills."

In an effort to help you and your family prepare now, here are some one-minute drills that are short on time, but big on impact.

Drill 1 – Get a Kit

Visit the American Red Cross Store and buy the Deluxe Emergency Preparedness Kit. That's it. You are already done with this step. Easy, right?

Drill 2 – Discuss Kit Rules

Once you get the kit, make sure that everyone knows where it is and that the items are to be used for emergencies only. You don't want someone taking the water packet from the kit just because they don't want to make the trip to the kitchen.

Drill 3 – Personalize Your Kit

Have each family member pick their favorite canned foods and personal items and add them to the kit.

Drill 4 – Make an Evacuation Plan

This is much easier and less time consuming than it seems. Pull out a map and highlighter and determine two or three destinations and the routes to get there.

Drill 5 – Be Informed

It is important to know what natural disasters can affect your area and what to do in the event of one striking. Read through the appropriate Disaster and Emergency guides. Watch the weather and stay on top of the news if a hurricane or other severe weather is predicted to come your way. If local authorities are telling you to evacuate, then EVACUATE! If you followed the drills above, then you already have an evacuation plan.

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