Prepared for Wednesday, November 30, 2016
Having just gotten off the phone with a friend looking for some gear gift suggestions for this holiday season, I thought I would share those same suggestions with all my friends and associates. Some of this my gear, some from others.

I am sure nobody will be surprised that I think one of my Doug Ritter RSK knives would be a great gift for just about anyone. This would be a very smart time to pick up one of my folders, because I'm really not sure how long they'll be available at the current price. If you've been on the fence or were considering getting a back-up or giving one to a family member or friend, something to think about.
Having to power communications devices and -- as we get so much information from internet capable devices -- a method to power multiple commo tools simultaneously can come in handy. NewerTech announced the NewerTech NuPower 60W USB-C Power Adapter. This is a compact, dual port, fast charging adapter for Mac and Windows USB-C compatible MacBooks, laptops, Chromebooks, and standard USB-A devices, including iPhone and Android smartphones, tablets, and storage drives. It provides 2 ports: 1 port with 60 watts of power to charge the latest USB­C devices and 1 port with 12 watts to simultaneously charge current standard USB-A devices.
Kopis Designs has created two truly unique Every Day Carry tools with the release of STK Project. After quickly reaching their crowdfunding goal on the first day, they still have a limited quantity of the first production run tools left. They are for sale in a number of different custom versions at a reduced price. The STK is a compact, durable, feature-packed multi-tool and the Rift is an all titanium, pocket pry tool.
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If you're not wearing it, lock it up. If you can't wear it, lock it up. Photo from Hornady Security Products.
The Fox8 station in Cleveland, Ohio reported last week that some self-described "doomsday preppers" in Cleveland were "robbed of guns, body armor and machetes."

According to the report, the family was part of a 'militia group' referred to as the "Three Percenters." They'd accumulated guns, machetes, ammunition and 'food rations.' Their residence was broken into "while they were asleep." The victim told the reporter that the burglars (not robbery suspects) took seven guns. The report went on to say that they'd moved in within the preceding month and that someone likely saw them "carrying the weapons inside."

They also had body armor and the thieves took that too.

I saw the story in a news aggregation email and went to the source. The member of the family victimized said she now feared that their preparations put others in danger.

We've discussed personal security before and it's a very relevant topic. I had someone tell me of a person who'd prepared for the "collapse" to accompany Y2K. That prepared person was telling a neighbor about the water, food, bullion and other goods he'd accumulated to meet the oncoming threat.

"What are you going to do when it comes," he asked the neighbor.

"Me?" came the response, "I'm coming over to your house."

We don't need to belabor this: keep your preparations under wraps. Don't let people see what you're doing, don't brag about "how ready" you are, don't be carrying guns in and out of the house.

Secure your premises. Get an alarm. Perhaps have a (loud) dog – it's not necessary to have a big dog or a mean dog.

If you have guns, have a means to lock them up. If someone wants to pack 300 or 400 pounds of ammunition out while you sleep, it's up to them. It's tougher than picking the gun up off of the end table.

Consider holiday buying: perhaps enhancing your home's security would be a good family gift.

-- Rich Grassi
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